April 17, 2006

A List of My Favorite Firefox Extensions

Konqueror (the KDE web-browser) has been my favorite web-browser for a long time, but now it seems that Firefox is going to make it. It has got so many great features, I don't want to miss anymore. The best of them are not even built-in ones, they are provided by thousands of useful Firefox extensions built by other people. There are so many of them already, that it has become hard to find the "good" ones, those that fit one's personal needs. Therefore, I provide a list of the extensions I currently use, and I'd like to hear about your favorites, too!
  • Tab X: Adds a close button to each of the browser tabs. Much more convenient.
  • Adblock: Lets you block annoying images from certain servers, simply by right-clicking on the image and select ing "Adblock Image".
  • Flashblock: Replaces all flash movies on a page by quiet white boxes. There is a play-button on every box that lets you view the flash movie if you like to.
  • Session Saver: Stores and restores all open firefox windows and tabs automatically. Even in case of a crash you don't lose the pages you were reading.
  • Add Bookmark Here: Adds an "add bookmark here" option to every folder in the bookmarks menu. Makes adding bookmarks easier and faster.
  • PDF Download: Before loading PDF files, this extension presents a dialog that lets you select if the PDF should be downloaded or displayed in the browser. Prevents downloading large PDF files accidently.
  • Web Developer: A lot of indispensable tools for web development. For me, the killer feature is the ability to edit a page's CSS stylesheet in-place and watch the changes.
  • Live HTTP Headers: Records and displays the HTTP headers of requests and responses. Very useful for debugging web applications. Saves ethereal sessions.
  • Google Toolbar: I have this toolbar installed, although I actually only use one feature of it: the buttons that lets you quickly find your search terms in the documents. This is really convenient and it would be nice to generalize and make this available for all keyword searches. The translation feature is also not bad, but the thing doesn't know the difficult words, too. I think, this feature should also be implemented in an extension of its own.
By the way, those extensions are a good example for the power of the bazaar model: A single architect couldn't have all these ideas. Maybe the truth lies in a clever combination of cathedral and bazaar...

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