September 04, 2006


Today I uploaded my tiny little dialfix script to sourceforge. It's a Python script that generates DTMF dialtones. I once wrote it when my old phone stopped working. First, the "1" and "0" keys were so worn out that I had to press very hard everytime to make it beeping. And when it eventually did, it usually did twice, so I had to start from the beginning. Later, the key #4 fell off so I couldn't dial any numbers that include a "4" anymore.

That's when I thought "Can't I produce those stupid beep tones by myself, somehow?". Of course, it is simple: the tones are overlays of two different frequencies. Google and Wikipedia helped to find out how it works. The same day I wrote that little "dialfix" script that solved the problem:

You can also connect the KDE addressbook with it, so that when you click on a telephone number, the dialfix window pops up and lets you "click-and-dial" - more comfortable than before the thing broke! Yeah, these are the things you do when you should prepare for an exam... ;-)

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