January 21, 2006

How I learned to stop worrying and start the blog

I was thinking about starting a weblog for quite a while, but my decision not to deal with any PHP-based software anymore always kept me from doing so. I thought I'll wait until I find a system that is both usable and well designed but such a system is hard to find if not nonexistent. Meanwhile my hand-made homepage kept rotting: it's nearly impossible to maintain a website without some kind of publishing system. But most of the systems available today are written in PHP, wich is indeed a badly designed and insecure programming lanuage (but that's another story and I will talk about all this later). So I felt a bit like waiting for Godot: always when I was just about to start up something, I remembered that I was waiting for the better system and stopped. I really have an itch to write a Java-based CMS and weblog software on my own but realistically I won't have the time to even start this project, at least not before late summer. Therefore I decided to let blogger.com care for the technology & use this account as a substitute for raberalf.de, as a place for my photographs, theories and anything I bring along from my walks. At least until something better is at hand. Well, and I'm a bit exited to be on-line again and hope I get along with blogger for some time ...

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